Initial scope of OZ Pronatur activities was from 2009 in the area of aquatic ecosystems biodiversity, local level sustainable tourism support (Muránska Planina region) and the area of capacity building with focus on establishment professional and application (user) network and partnership with partners in Slovakia and abroad (Germany).

From 2010 the scope was extended with activities related to ecosystem services (here and further ESS) via cooperation with partners in Austria and from 2011 based on best practice and experience exchange also with partners in Romania. Current activities are mainly oriented on improvement of methodological aspects of ESS and their implementation with support of geoinformation technologies (here and after GeoICT).

With the utlisation of the techniques of the participatory communication with the relevant subjects, there are organised various events focused on sharing of relevant information, experience and establishment of the new contacts and networks. Key aspect of these activities is the support for effective decisions in the domain of utilisation and planning of the activities in the country with active involvement of relevant stakeholders.

In addition there are also ongoing activities related to implementation of ESS principles in policy framework in order to support effective decision making in area of landscape planning.

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