Main mission of the projects: promoting the bioeconomy with an emphasis on the sustainable use of ecosystems and their services

The participation of OZ PRONATUR consists of formal or informal involvement in several projects:

BIOWAYS - promoting the potential of the bioeconomy and raising public awareness through various communication techniques, public engagement activities and the development of educational tools and materials

BIOVOICES -  involvement all relevant stakeholder groups through the Bio-Economy Platform

Biobridges - promoting the marketing of bio-based products by encouraging close cooperation and partnerships between producers, traders and customers

GreenPULS (in evaluation) - project focused on innovative agri-food chains (project partner)

TRANSITION2BIO (in evaluation) - the project supports the transition to more sustainable production, consumption and lifestyle (project support)

GreenTechLab (in evaluation) - project focused on innovative business in green technologies (project support and interest to participate)

OZ PRONATUR involvement: Within the framework of the projects, these are mainly expert consultations, support letters for other projects in this field, organization and facilitation of workshops. At national level, it is cooperation with the Bioeconomy cluster (Bioeconomy Cluster) e.g. in the form of consultations in the preparation of the Strategy for Bio-Economy in Slovakia, 2020 (Contribution of the Slovak Bio-Economy to the Strategic Plan of the CAP 2021 - 2027).