Centralparks – meeting on the TTTF CEST

Centralparks – meeting of the TTTF on ecosystem services

The first meeting of the TTTF on the Carpathian Ecosystem Services Toolkit took place on the 23rd July 2019 on premises of the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic.  The meeting was moderated by Slovak partners from the PRONATUR NGO and the State Nature Conservancy of the Slovak republic. At the beginning of the meeting the Lead Partner of the project - EURAC research presented the project Centralparks to experts. The leaders of the TTTF3 Carpathian Ecosystem Services Toolkit informed the international experts on content of the work package and expected activities.

In upcoming weeks experts will commonly work on two documents - State of the Art/Gap Analysis and Roadmap of the involvement of expert stakeholders. The first document will provide the analysis on current situation of the ecosystem services in the Carpathian countries and the latter one will provide a supportive guidance for involvement of stakeholders in the project and in the ecosystem services issues. Experts discussed the structure and content of both documents, agreed on the time schedule and responsibilities of particular partners.

The main output of this taskforce will be the Carpathian Ecosystem Services Toolkit which will support the mainstreaming of ecosystem services into different management levels and sectors and integration of ecosystem services into policy and decision making processes with a positive impact on the biodiversity and environment.

(Photo: Z. Okániková)