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Civil Association PRONATUR is a voluntary organization established in 2007 aiming to support the nature conservation and protection of the environment, sustainable regional development and support the marginalized groups, sound lifestyle and active citizens participation. The use of geospatial technologies and services is used in order to achieve the abovementioned goals.


Development of the management capacities of Carpathian protected areas for integration and harmonization of biodiversity protection with local socio-economic development

Ecosystem services in protected areas

  Project Ecosystem services in NP Muránska planina was implemented during 2014-2015 with the financial support of the Grant GEF SGP. Project partners were TU Vienna, WWF Vienna, Secondary school Tisovec, PPP Muránska planina – Čierny Hron, State Nature Conservancy – Administration of the NP Muránska planina. Ecosystem services are functions of ecosystems that enable people to satisfy their human Continue Reading

New management model in BR Poľana

New management model in BR Poľana Project „Nature to people – people to nature“ Project was implemented in 2014-2015 with support of the Swiss financial mechanism and Ekopolis Foundation. Project partners were   BR Poľana, BR Entlebuch (Switzerland), University Raperswil (Switzerland), Slovak Committee of MAB, University Bern The project was justified because of lack of systematic approach in management of Continue Reading

European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in the  NP Muránska planina

  Project was implemented in 2009-2011. Project partner was the organization Europarc Federation and NP Harz (Germany). European Charter for sustainable tourism in protected areas is one among many programs offered by the organization Europarc Federation. Charter is a practical tool for management of sustainable tourism in protected area based on stakeholders involvement in tourism management in the area. In the framework Continue Reading


Hackathons, workshops and other community events and activities aimed at supporting innovation and networking of those interested in geoinformatics.

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