Centralparks – project partner meeting in Sanok (PL)

Centralparks - project partner meeting in Sanok

The second project partner meeting took place in late October 2019 in a Polish town Sanok at premises of a unique Museum of folk’s architecture. Partners discussed the process of the implementation of project activities during the previous project period (April 2019 - October 2019), the milestones reached and the upcoming plans for next project periods.

WP1 – Transnational thematic task forces 

In the framework of the WP1 there are three thematic task forces: biodiversity, local sustainable tourism and communication with protected areas and communities. The Leader of the WP1 Zbigniew Niewiadomski from the organization Stowarzyszenie Ekopsychologia informed on meetings of particular expert working groups organized in Banská Bystrica (SK) for the biodiversity and in Czerwienne (PL) for communication and local sustainable tourism. He informed on the work plan for next periods, activities of experts will focus on desktop research, analysis of good practices and stakeholders analysis. The key task for next period will be a common development of the structure of documents for specific thematic task forces. He also pointed out the importance of mutual coordination of thematic working groups towards harmonization of outputs and deliverables.

WP2 – Building capacities of Carpathian PAs managers

In the framework of the WP2 the representative of the Leader of the WP NP Duna Ipoly Ms. Borbála Major informed on the workshop that was executed in Hungary on the LiDAR methodology and connected topics. She presented the upcoming activities, mainly the mapping and monitoring of forest and grassland habitats using the LiDAR method.

WP3 – Carpathian Ecosystem Services Toolkit

The representatives of both Slovak project partners Ján Kadlečík (SNC SR) and Zuzana Okániková (PRONATUR NGO) informed on status and plans within the WP3. In the previous project period was organized one meeting of the working group on ecosystem services (Bratislava, 23.7.2019). Within the period there were developed two deliverables according to the project implementation plan - State of the Art/Gap analysis and Roadmap for stakeholders involvement. The first draft of the structure for the Carpathian Ecosystem Services Toolkit was presented and discussed in this period. At the meeting were presented next steps towards the Toolkit development and based on this the training programme for local/regional authorities.

Presentation of activities of the Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention

Eleonora Musco from the Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention informed on diverse events and possibilities for the promotion of the project. She presented project Connect GREEN and informed on the cooperation with the CNPA – Carpathian network of protected areas.

During the break of the meeting the host of the meeting PP4 - Ekopsychology Society - organized a guided tour to explore the Museum of Folk architecture. This place has a unique charm and specific genius loci.